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History, Beer, & Running (Part III): The Best of the Rest

History, Beer, & Running (Part II): Beautiful Bratislava

History, Beer, & Running (Part I): Easter in Poland


Seasons of Life

Redemption in Reykjavik

Lucky Number Thirteen

How to Satisfy Wanderlust at 23

Latvia & Estonia

Fjord Tours & Heated Floors: A Norwegian Adventure

Happy To Be Here


There’s Something About the Mountain Air

Did Not Start

Moving to Scotland: For the Degree

Share The Road

Marathons: A College Success Story

Barefoot Boston: A Race Recap

Home Field Advantage


18 Miles Worth of Thoughts

Ten (For Ten)

100% Chance of Awesome



So I Haven’t Been Running

Fall-ing Into Place

Bring It On

The Lake Placid Marathon

3 States, 2 Feet, 1 Morning

Hill Club Celebrates Boston

Weather or Not


2014: A Remarkable Run

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and a Couple of PRs

If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know

Grocery Shopping and “The Clitchen”

International Road Runners

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Why Not Go To Liechtenstein?

St. Rupert’s Fair and Oktoberfest

A Little Taste of Salzburg

This Is Gonna Be The Best Day Of My Life

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

A Midweek Road Race

America and the Idea of Possibility

America Runs on Dunkin’

Happy National Running Day!

There’s Pizza at the Finish Line

Post-Marathon Identity Crisis

Thank You Notes

Onward to the Finish Line of All Finish Lines

I Have Confidence

A Happy Day

Will Run for Pizza

Dress Rehearsal

The Rest Day

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Out Run the Parking Ticket

A Word to the Naysayers

Superheroes Run Marathons

The Never Ending To Do List

A Warm and Un-Intimidating Ten

Dear Tracey


Tuesday Hill Day

Another Long Run in the Books

Out With the Old, In With the New

One Step at a Time

A Fish Out of Water

“An Easy Ten”

Making The Time

A Birthday Personal Distance Record

The Art of the Stationary Bike

Wintry Annoyances

You’re Not a Runner Until…

Here’s to 2014: A New Year


Boston 2014: Why I’m Running