Moving to Scotland: For the Degree

It has been about three weeks since I moved to Scotland for graduate school.  For the past couple weeks, I have been getting acquainted with my new city of residence, settling into my flat, and planning all kinds of trips around the region, the rest of Scotland, and Europe.  My classes also started this week and I think I am going to like them (and if not, I’ll just hold my breath because a one-year Master’s program isn’t so long!).

Now that I am just about settled in, I have found some time to go adventuring along Scotland’s north eastern coast.  I am a 10-15 minute walk from the beach, though it is rather windy.  Rumor has it, Aurora Borealis will be visible from the beach soon.

Last weekend I hiked along the coast just north of Aberdeen, near Cruden Bay.  The walk along the cliffs was gorgeous and staying on the tiny footpath was crucial as there was nothing to stop you from going over the edge and into the North Sea.  The grass was rather slippery as well because, believe it or not, it had rained earlier.  So I didn’t do much off roading!

As the semester continues, so will the adventures!  Stay tuned for more updates!




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