If my body and schedule would allow a 20-miler every morning, I would welcome it.

This morning, on a beautifully calm and sunny March morning, I embarked on a 20-miler. This was the second to last extra long run before race day (just 36 days left!).  Normally, this point in the training season is accompanied by fatigue, frustration from the bitter temperatures, and maybe some nagging overuse injuries.  But today seemed to be just the run that I needed.  I ran strong and fast the entire time.  It was challenging and my heart took over in the end when my legs wanted to quit, but today’s run was a huge mental gain this training season.

This week was also my final spring break of my undergraduate career (yikes!).  All of my roommates vacated the apartment for the week and I boarded the Freight Train of Productivity (I like to use this term to make a never-ending-to-do list of homework sound more fun and borderline adventurous.).  In an effort to get ahead of assignments before the end of the semester, which is, more importantly, Marathon Weekend, I wisely chose to spend this week doing homework.  I was successful in doing so, and managed to get in a nice hike of the Blue Hills and a couple nights out with friends, but I did not get as much work done on my dreaded senior thesis as I would have liked (I worked on it a little, so that counts!).  I continued the trend this morning with a wonderful, challenging, and revitalizing long run.

And just like that, we are in the homestretch of this season of marathon training and my final semester of college.  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  My goal for these last few weeks of the semester, which only includes two full weeks of classes, is to keep the Freight Train of Productivity full steam ahead and hope it doesn’t derail/ fall off the mountain/ crash and burn, etc.

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to Sam Adams 26.2 Boston Brew for hitting local bars this week.  Tis the season!
  • Thank you to my friend Catherine for a great hike this week.  Much needed stress relief!
  • Thank you to the Food Network for always being entertaining, although you were kind of distracting this week.  We’ll get through it.

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