18 Miles Worth of Thoughts

Running 18 miles takes a long time and it eats up most of your day.  Oftentimes, people ask me what I think about for that long, especially when I tell them I don’t usually listen to music.  Lately I have been running to audio books which are surprisingly a delight to run to.  Other times, I prefer pure silence.

Looking to mix it up this week, I asked donors to craft a playlist for me by picking a song when they donated to Life Giving Breakthroughs.  The playlist was shorter than I anticipated, but every donation counts!  With a short playlist and an 18-miler, I ended up listening to each song about eight times.  So for those of you who ask what goes through my mind while running, here’s a little look into my brain on a long run:

  • Song number 1: “America F*ck Yeah”
    • “This is offensive but it’s kind of catchy.”
  • Song number 2: “Adventure Of A Lifetime”
    • “Ahh, some relief”
  • Song number 3: “Born To Run”
    • “Maybe I wasn’t born to do this, oh well it is far too late for that realization”
  • Song number 4: “Livin’ On A Prayer”
  • Song number 5: “December 1963”
    • “OH WHAT A NIGHT, how does his voice go that high?”
  • Song number 6: “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”
    • “‘We’ve got a long way to go,’ preach Mulan, preach.”
  • A quick thought
    • “Olympic marathon trials are today in LA,” *Looks at watch that is not visible because it’s covered by four layers of clothing* “I think I’m winning, well, with the time change, of course.”
  • Song number 7: “Friday”
    • “I think my ears are bleeding or maybe it’s my brain leaking out of my ears.”
  • *Playlist cycles back to beginning* *Face hurts*
  • Song number 1 (for the fourth time)
    • *Sings along* *Questions friendship with “friend” who chose this song*
  • Song number 4 (for the fifth time)
  • Song number 5 (for the sixth time)
    • “Ugh, this song never ever gets old”
  • Song number 6 (for the seventh time)
    • “‘We’ve got a long way to go’ you’re still right Mulan, it’s not over til it’s over.”

And suddenly we’re back where we started, geographically speaking (not referring to the music).  That’s generally how it goes.  Put one foot in front of the other and you’ll make it back eventually, regardless of what you’re listening to (or not listening to).

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to Vaseline for protecting my face from the bitter cold today.
  • Thank you to my Daddio for being awesome, per usual.
  • Thank you to everyone who donated this week and created that interesting playlist.  You certainly mixed things up for me, and I appreciate it!

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