Ten (For Ten)

This morning’s run was a ten-miler.  The wind made it a little difficult to breathe at times, but other than that, it was fine.  Ten miles is strangely one of my favorite distances to run.  It’s long enough that I feel challenged, but it’s not long enough to take up your entire day.

I remember the first time I ran ten miles.  At the time, it was the longest quest I had ever conquered, and I felt tired and incredible after.  But before, I was nervous and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the mileage.  Suddenly, a ten mile run became my base run, and now it is my go-to distance if I’m feeling stressed or worn out.

Marathon training is in full swing now.  With just 85 days until the race, the mileage is picking up.  With an increase in mileage comes an increase in cross training, stretching, foam rolling, and eating.  I get hungry every two hours or so, and try to accommodate this hunger by eating 4-6 meals a day.

This week, pasta was 10 for 10 at my local grocery store, and you can bet that I took advantage of that deal.  Ten pounds of various shapes of pasta just waiting to be turned into wonderful and delicious meals.  Luckily pasta is a blank canvas of carbohydrates that can be jazzed up in countless ways so that I never grow tired of eating it.

The cashier at the grocery store seemed befuddled that I was purchasing so much pasta at one time, and her only words to me during our exchange were, “You like macaroni, huh?”


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