Fall-ing Into Place

Fall tends to provide the most beautiful running weather.  Not too hot, not too cold, and the changing leaves offer a gorgeous backdrop.  This crisp fall weather has gotten me back in the swing of things after my slow and steady performance in a running festival at the summer’s end.  My adventure as a student teacher is a roller coaster of an experience, but I seem to be figuratively running uphill and against the wind, and it also doesn’t leave a lot of time to dedicate to training.  It is a truly wonderful learning experience.

Nevertheless, I am beginning training mode for my next half marathon, which will take place in the beginning of December.  Now that my schedule is ironing itself out, and I am getting used to my role as a teacher, I am finding a little more time to spend pounding the pavement.  Everything seems to be falling into place, as it always does.

An early December half marathon will hopefully lead into training for a Spring full, and I am holding my thumbs for another opportunity of a lifetime, but more on that later!  Until then, happy running!


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