Hill Club Celebrates Boston

This morning I awoke, as I normally do, to my early-set internal alarm.  Trying not to think about fast approaching deadlines for research papers and lesson plans, I lounged around a little bit longer than usual and thought about the events that happened two years ago to this day.  I remembered every movement from when I awoke, struck with marathon fever and the desire to one day run this race, to when I laid my heavy head back down on the pillow late that night.  Every detail of that day flooded back into my head as if it happened just yesterday.

Wednesday Night Hill Club was different today.  Instead of our usual Heartbreak(ing) Hill workout, we ran the last six miles of the marathon course.  This is the usual route for me, but I tend to avoid the last mile as a way to keep it sacred.  It was a stunningly gorgeous evening for it.  Many runners in the group are in their final steps towards race day on Monday, and they were all a chatter about fundraising and race weekend plans.  As we progressed towards Boylston Street, one runner showed us where he got stopped in his quest for the finish line two years ago.  He was very close to the end, and he reflected on the couple of minutes he spent stretching a few miles back, and how, last minute, his family ended up standing somewhere other than the finish line.  He crossed the finish line this evening because he did not get to two years ago.

After the run, Hill Club headed over to a local bar for a celebratory Sam Adams 26.2 Boston Brew.  It was a wonderful end to a wonderful evening, full of reflection, healing, laughs, and excitement for Patriot’s Day.  I wish all of my friends running Boston this Monday a wonderful and strong race.  Run happy, run strong, and run proud.

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to Boston for being such a resilient city.  I, and so many others, run for you.
  • Thank you to spring for showing up!  Thank you for the much needed homework distraction!
  • Thank you to the running community.  Hands down the nicest people you will ever meet

A quick update: Lake Placid training is going swimmingly, and I am holding my thumbs for two more months of successful running!

Lastly, a very special congratulations to a new member of Hill Club who ran the furthest he has ever run tonight!  You’re awesome!


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