Weather or Not

Marathon training is tough.  Marathon training in the winter is tough.  Marathon training in the winter in New England is tough.  It’s been snowing for about a month now here in Boston (quite possibly a month straight, I’m not really sure if it has stopped), and the snow banks are taller than me, the sidewalks are either nonexistent or makeshift speed skating tracks, and the wind literally blew my headphones out of my ears the other day.  In this weather, it is sometimes necessary to adapt your training plan.  When distance is involved, it is much easier to run outside, but lately The Great Outdoors hasn’t been the safest option.  I am currently debating on whether or not I should brave the MBTA and join my hill group this evening, or stick to the treadmill for yet another Wednesday.

Weather is always an exciting factor in road running.  Winter marathon training means either a spring or summer race.  So we wake up at the crack of dawn and pile on a closet’s worth of layers to go run distance in the snowcapped mountains (streets), just so we can race in conditions that will be entirely different (but who knows at this rate, there may still be snow on the ground in June!).  I have been known to put on a pair of ski goggles and brave the elements to log a long run, and face the humidity (which is, in my opinion, the worst of the elements) to get some miles in.  Either way, training in extreme conditions really adds something to your running.  Not only does it help your physical strength but also your mental strength.

Regardless of when your race is, weather is something that we can’t avoid, so embrace it!  Let it mix up your training plan a bit and keep things exciting.  Happy Running!


Training in this…


…racing with this!



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