Grocery Shopping and “The Clitchen”

Monday morning is generally my time for grocery shopping and the little game I have turned it into.  The game is trying to read the labels, as they are all in German, and making it through checkout without the cashier knowing that I barely speak the language.  I like to think I win the game every week, expect for the one time I got carded buying a bottle of wine and had to flash my Massachusetts driver’s license.  This was a loss because the cashier discovered that I am not in fact Austrian (sad face), and also the legal drinking age in Austria is sixteen.  I am nearing twenty one.

After frantically bagging my groceries into my canvas grocery bag (you have to provide your own bags or purchase them, and bag your own groceries- much different than in the States!), I make the short journey back to my residence and The Clitchen.  The Clitchen is the kitchen that my roommate and I share.  It is in a hallway with seven other Clitchens.  The Clitchen is a kitchen in a closet- hence “Clitchen.”  It consists of two burners, a sink, a small refrigerator, and a lot of improvisation and fun.  The Clitchen has helped create a lot of pasta dishes and omelets, and it has nourished the hearts and souls of two busy travelers (when we’re not off devouring marzipan and pastry).


Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to my parents for always including me in the kitchen.  I grew up cooking with my parents, and I am incredibly grateful that I learned how to cook at such a young age- not many people can say that.
  • Thank you to Salzburg for a glorious weekend.  Yesterday, I embarked on a ten-miler turned sixteen-miler.  Beautiful weather as an enabler, I lost track of time, miles, and all sense of responsibility.
  • Thank you to Austrian grocery stores for not being open on Sundays.  Sunday is a simple day here in Salzburg.  It is not a day to play catch-up and cram in all of your errands that you don’t have time for during the week.  It is a day to be enjoyed, savored, and found in.

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping and “The Clitchen”

  1. I will never not be impressed that 1. you casually run ten miles on the regular and 2. sometimes those 10 mile runs casually turn into 16 mile runs. Yo, you casually ran more than a half marathon…

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