International Road Runners

I ran my first international road race yesterday in Vienna.  A half marathon on an inaccurately advertised “pancake flat course.”  I think it could have been better described as “crêpe flat.”  Needless to say, it was flat and fast, which sets you up for a PR, and that is exactly what I did.  Flatter than flat, and slightly boring, the course consisted of three loops around a park (a very lovely park, however), and a few laps around the track of the Ernst Happel Stadion.

My friend Will and I finished in the top five for Americans, with only the slight technicality that there were only five Americans (Who needs to know that detail?).

Killin’ it, per usual, our next big endeavor as international runners is the Salzburg Trail Running Festival this coming Saturday.  Ample time for recovery?  We’ll see about that.

(The Return of) Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to Vienna for back to back wonderful weekends and a fantastic start to my international running career, which is hopefully far from over.  Places to see, races to run
  • Thank you to gelato for curing all problems, such as the problem that is sitting on a train for 2.5 hours after running a half marathon.
  • Thank you to free pasta parties for existing and providing proper pre-race fueling to poor college students.



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