Why Not Go To Liechtenstein?

When the Principality of Liechtenstein is a mere four hour train ride away, you may as well go, right?  Right.  I just got back from an overnight trip to the small country, and it did not disappoint.  We mainly walked around and stumbled into exciting attractions, including the tourist office where you can get an official Liechtenstein stamp in your passport.  Because Liechtenstein does not have an airport, the country offers stamps to tourists looking to fill up their passports.

We climbed up to the palace, Schloss Vaduz, which offers stunning panoramic views, and enjoyed a stroll through the Post Museum.  Did you know that Liechtenstein is well-known for stamp collecting?


The architecture was quite modern, which is something that I did not expect from the tiny country, and the artwork that adorned the streets was very modern and abstract as well.

It was a wonderful excursion to say the least.  On the menu for tomorrow is a much needed long run through Salzburg, and possibly some hiking if the weather agrees!


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