St. Rupert’s Fair and Oktoberfest

Having minimal plans for this weekend turned into attending two wonderful festivals in two different countries.  Friday night marked the first night of St. Rupert’s Fair here in Salzburg.  St. Rupert is the patron saint of Salzburg and there is a festival every fall in his honor, complete with plenty of food, beverages, games, and rides.  A fantastic evening spent with friends, the first night of St. Rupert’s Fair was a hit.


As if Friday night wasn’t exciting enough, Saturday morning, we headed up to Munich to tour the historic city (which was great) and stop by the one and only Oktoberfest.  It was an incredible experience to say the least, but I will admit to you the probably obvious facts that it was cramped, crowded, expensive, and loud, but a million times worth it nonetheless.  The afternoon was spent doing Oktoberfest things, which includes, but is not limited to, drinking beer, enjoying schnitzel sandwiches, meeting the friendliest of people from across the world, and photo bombing as many pictures as possible.


As for today, we are heading back to Germany (for the third time in a week!) to do some more hiking at Lake Königssee.  Tomorrow marks the first day of classes, which I am just as excited about as I am for traveling.  A longtime lover of learning, I am excited to take classes at a foreign university.  Although the classes are taught in English and are strictly for students studying abroad through this program, the professors still aim to use the traditional Austrian way of teaching, which is vastly different than the approach that professors take at American universities (more on that to come!)


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