A Little Taste of Salzburg

Although classes have yet to start, things have been hectic since arriving here in Salzburg.  We are still going through orientation and an intensive two-week German class.  And when I’m not struggling to learn the German language, I’m off touring Austria, which has been everything I dreamed of and then some.

First of all, last week I went to a pastry seminar, which was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.  Six pastries, a table of new friends, and one hour.  It was a splendid time.  My favorite pastry was the Esterhazytorte, which is a layered almond meringue accompanied by a cognac-spiced buttercream.  It is the marbled one in the middle.  A true Austrian delight.


I also toured Burg Hohenwerfen over the weekend, which is a fortress.  Along with the tour came a birds of prey show put on by trained falconists.  This was my first birds of prey show, and I thought it was rather exciting.  The view from the fortress was also rather exciting.IMG_3620


Lastly, I went to Bavaria, which is in Germany, to Lake Königssee.  Lake Königsee is the cleanest lake in Germany, and it offered stunning views, even on a cloudy afternoon.  Many sights from the 1936 Winter Olympics also neighbor this scenic area.


That’s all for now, friends!  Stay tuned- I have many a blog post (more detailed and focused than this) planned over the course of my stay here in Salzburg.  Auf Wiedersehen!


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