A Midweek Road Race

I ran my first midweek road race the other day.  I was hesitant to sign up because the thought of getting from work to then eating, finding a parking spot, picking up my bib number, and making it to the start line all seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth.  Thankfully, I was wrong.

The race offered a 5k or a 10-mile option.  I opted for the 10-miler because they both cost the same and I wanted to get more bang for my buck, ya know?  Registering the day before the race,  I was a little weary of the distance, and running after work isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do either.  Nine hours at camp tends to wear you out.

After parking with ease, I picked up my number, made a portapotty stop, and stretched.  The turnout of runners and spectators was incredible, and the people watching was superb!

This was my best race in a long time.  I started fast, stayed fast in the middle, and ended fast.  I was blown away with my time.  The course was scenically phenomenal as it ran through historic streets, lovely wooded areas, and picturesque neighborhoods.  Spectators lined the course to offer encouragement and water cups.

I am so proud of how this spur the moment decision turned out!

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to my Daddio for coming to the race and cheering me on.  I’m so glad you could be there to see me finish strong.  I hope you’ll run with me next year 🙂

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