America Runs on Dunkin’

Fighting my annual early-June cold, I contemplated not getting out of bed this morning, but as I scrolled through Twitter to see what the world was up to, I remembered that today is FREE DONUT DAY.  So I decided that I could treat myself to an iced coffee and free donut after my Friday 5k and yoga class.  Because I lounged in bed a little bit longer than usual, I scrambled to get my act together so that I could run and then make it to yoga on time.  I’m not about strolling into yoga late and ruining everyone’s zen, so if I’m going to be late, I just don’t go.  That being said, I had to run fast.

As I enjoyed my decaf iced coffee with just a little cream and my delightful butternut donut, I thanked myself for getting my butt out of bed and giving my body the workout that it needed as this cold hopefully works its way out of my system.

Happy National Donut Day to you all, and happy Friday!


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