Happy National Running Day!

National Running Day is a day to remember, recognize, and appreciate all of our motives for running, all of our inspiration for being crazy.  For many, running is personal.  Running is a sport, a lifestyle, a passion, an outlet, and a platform for something much larger than ourselves.

Running is simple.  It is certainly not easy, but it is simple.  Anyone with the proper mindset can run.  With dedication and perseverance, anyone can be great.  It’s too simple.  You get out exactly what you put in.

There are some that do not understand the thrill of running.  Waking up early, running distance in the heat, cold, rain, sleet, snow, wind, using porta potties, carboloading, ice baths, “investing” in new sneakers, constantly being in pain, not feeling complete when you don’t run on a given day- all for the feeling of invincibility when you run a race and all of you hard work pays off.  Running reminds you of how strong you are and it reminds you of just how much you are capable of.  There is no better feeling than running further than you have ever run before, or running a race faster than before.

Too many people don’t understand it because they feel as though they can’t, even though they can.  See paragraph 2.


Run Happy

I Run (in no particular order):

  • For myself
  • For those who can’t
  • For the thrill of race day
  • For the feeling of invincibility that accompanies a personal distance or time record
  • For my health
  • For my eating habits (large quantities of food only, please)
  • To relieve stress
  • To sleep at night
  • To feel good in my skin
  • To meet new friends and be surrounded by other people who share this passion
  • For race medals
  • Because I am strong
  • To understand the human body
  • For race SWAG (Stuff We All Get)
  • For Life. Giving. Breakthroughs. (BWHMT  Boston 2014)
  • Because I never gave up and now it is my lifestyle 

Regardless of the distance or the time, or the manner in which you do so, why do you run?  Happy National Running Day!


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