A Happy Day

Twelve days stand between me and a marathon.  Scratch that, twelve days stand between me and the marathon.  There’s a difference.  I am currently being crushed by a massive pile of schoolwork (not the easy busy-work kind, but the time-consuming research kind).  Everyone around me seems to be getting sick, and the game for the next twelve days is called, “Just Don’t Get Sick”.  All the marbles are in the bag.  The training is just about done, I just have to stay healthy, which seems like it might be a bit of  a challenge, but I like a challenge.  Challenge: accepted

Last night was the very last hill run, and I celebrated with a free cone from Ben and Jerry’s, of course.  Now that my running schedule is letting up a little, I have more time to focus on my end of semester assignments that are cramping my style.  However, I am taking a quick break to share some excellent news.  My grandmother received her diploma today for completing her radiation treatment!  I just gave her a call to congratulate her, and she was ecstatic.  She told me she feels good, and has been looking at her diploma all day with happiness.  She said that she can’t wait to go to the race and watch me run, which makes me so proud.  Words can hardly express how much it means to me that she is able to go to the race.  I was having a pretty dismal day, slowly checking things off the to-do list, and avoiding the stomach bug like the plague (ha ha (actually not funny)), but Meme’s positive energy made me smile and turned my entire day around.

I really need to get back to my research, as my day is far from over, but I had to pause and enjoy this moment 🙂


Selfies with Meme


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