Dress Rehearsal

I will not lie to you.  I spent much of this past week fearing the unavoidable and fast approaching long run.  21.8 miles.  A daunting distance.  I was afraid of it until yesterday when I realized that it was just three more miles than I’ve already built up to.  And I actually cried thinking about how far I have come in this journey.  This is the run that shows off just how much work you have put in over the past few months.  It is the “dress rehearsal” before race day so that you can test an eating plan, a new fanny pack, pair of socks, etc.

Unfortunately, I can count the hours of sleep I got last night on less than one hand.  That did not feel good, and it made me nervous as I headed out the door this morning.  Nevertheless, I boarded the bus, got dropped off in a parking lot in Framingham, MA and then started the trek back to Boston.  I’m pretty sure that’s in a lot of people’s nightmares, but apparently that’s just the way it is for marathoners-in-training.  Boarding a bus bound for an empty parking lot so that you can run the whole way back…just part of the fun! (?)

The run started out great.  Our miles were pretty fast, but they felt comfortable.  The roads were packed with other runners getting in their dress rehearsal run too.  The miles progressed, and they continued to feel great.  Not long after a bathroom stop, my legs started feeling it, but as we conquered the hills of Newton, they began to feel immensely better and they felt strong for the rest of the route.

I definitely picked up the pace in the last mile, which is impressive if I do say so myself, and I ended the run feeling as though I could have kept going if I had to, which is great news, and is the ultimate goal of the final long run.  All in all, I was very pleased with my effort today.  It made me feel optimistic considering all of the marbles are just about in the bag before the big day.  I feel as though my body and my mind can handle another four miles (insert sigh of relief here).

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to two of my absolute best friends for coming to cheer me on during the final stretch of the run, and for running to the finish with me.  You have no idea how much your support means to me and you really helped me finish strong.  Love you ❤
  • Thank you to all of the amazing police officers who directed traffic earlier so that massive packs of runners could get in their final training run on the course.  Thank you for making our run safe.

While today was a big day on the training calendar, it was also a big day for a few of my sailing teammates who sailed in their first regatta of the season today!  I’m so glad I got the chance to stop by and cheer y’all’s on!  Way to go Fenway Fenways! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. You. Are. So. Awesome. Your hard work and dedication is so inspiring, and I am so proud to be able to call you one of my very best friends! Also glad we “ran” into you (and then with you) for that last little stretch :’) Can’t wait for April 21st!!! Love you girl ❤

  2. A couple things…
    1. I will never stop being proud of you for how amazing and inspirational you have been throughout this journey. You continue to inspire me to not skip the gym when I’m feeling extra lazy.
    2. I can’t wait to see you run those last 4 miles in just under three weeks!
    3. Tell me that your sailing team’s name really is the “Fenway Fenways”

    • 1. Thank you so much 🙂 like I said before, I couldn’t do this without the support of my friends.
      2. I can’t wait for you to be here to see me run those last 4 miles. Reunited!!!
      3. The sailing team has been called the Fenway Fenways in the past.

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