The Rest Day

The long run, the hill run, and the cross training are all pivotal days on the marathon training calendar, but there is one day every week that is equally as crucial (if not more), and that is the rest day.  The rest day is a hard earned day of simplicity.  On any given rest day, which is Sunday according to my training plan, I (try to) sleep in, lounge around, get in a good stretch and foam roll, and just enjoy doing nothing.  I can usually be found with ice packs strapped to my lower limbs and food in hand.

The rest day is not a day for homework.  I do my absolute best to not have to do homework on the weekends, especially Sunday Rest Days, but unfortunately today that is not an option.  It will be the first time all semester that I do homework on a Sunday, but I have at least ten significant assignments between me and the marathon, so I started budgeting my time now.  I signed up for all of my final presentations before race day, knowing that it was either stress myself out beforehand and be done with it, or try to look professional and give a presentation the day after the race.  I opted for the stress before, but knowing that I won’t have any work to worry about race weekend, and that it will be just about work-free smooth sailing for the rest of the semester is really keeping me going.  (<– Just another example of the amount of planning that goes into marathon training.)

The rest day is such a rewarding day because I know just how hard I worked for it.  Weekday workouts, class, Saturday long runs, homework, club meetings, and fundraising, a week full of hard work always leads to the ease of a rest day.  The rest day doubles as a buffer between hectic weeks, a simple day following an extreme distance run, and the calm before the storm of the following week.

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to my toenails for still being intact and their normal color.  (Don’t cringe.  This is a marathon training tell all.)  Thanks for hanging in there and not jumping ship.  When something exciting happens in my life, I caught myself saying to a friend, “and I still have all my toenails!”  but when something frustrating or not so great happens, I say, “at least I still have all my toenails.”  (Just when you thought distance running couldn’t get any more exciting)
  • Thank you to the sun for poking through the clouds just as “If I Had $1,000,000” came on my playlist during yesterday’s 12-mile run and putting a smile on my face.  Timing has never been more perfect.

2 thoughts on “The Rest Day

  1. I am so proud of you! I know you will do great on all of your ‘significant assignments’ and be able to keep your toenails! You are almost there and you deserve your rest day!
    I love you!

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