Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Another Saturday, another long run.  Today’s 18 miles was a grab bag of elements.  We started in the rain, then it got windy (a little too gusty for my liking), then the sun came out, then it got cloudy again, but we finished with the sun shining down on us (am I tan yet?).

Running 18 miles just sort of happens.  You get to a point where the movement of your limbs is no longer voluntary and they’re just moving forward like a robot, and there’s nothing that you can do about it, and you can’t stop for fear that your body won’t start up again.  This poses a challenge when having to cross the street.  Some runners just go, others wait for a clearing of traffic, and others completely wait for the walk signal that never comes soon enough.  Either way you’re not done and you are either still running, or have to start up again.  So crossing the street is generally a lose-lose situation.  We usually get a lot of honks as we cross the roads, because people are in such a rush to get nowhere these days (I’m sorry the light changed .03 seconds ago, but you can wait), but my response to that is, “If I could stop I would stop” (*Insert Olympic snowboarder style shoulder shrug here).  It also poses a problem when trying to clear curbs that are barely six inches in height, but seem like the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest (I would imagine).

The first three miles and the last three miles are generally the worst (maybe just for me, or maybe just the course I run on), but the first three bother my shins, and the last three seem to last forever (same three miles, different points during the run).  About 16 miles into today’s run, I questioned whether I was even still moving or not.  Luckily Robot Chrissy kicked into gear about eight miles earlier.  Nevertheless, we made it back to the start stronger than we began.

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to the two people who got on the elevator after me following the run.  I didn’t realize I hadn’t pressed any buttons after the door shut behind me, until you pressed the button to open the door about two minutes later.  I guess I can run 18 miles, but I can’t remember to press the elevator buttons.  You win some, you lose some.
  • Thank you to my running partner for keeping me somewhat sane during these longer than long runs.  I’d probably still be somewhere in Newton right now if it wasn’t for you.
  • Thank you to the group of runners we caught up to at every crosswalk on the final stretches of the route.  Your enthusiasm for how much you wanted to be done running was riveting.  Guess what- we all finished!

4 thoughts on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  1. I can’t believe how you continue to accomplish these long Saturday training runs! Only a couple more before the big day! You’re so incredible I can’t wait to see you!! 🙂

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