Out Run the Parking Ticket

Since I’m on spring break this week, instead of a quick walk to the running meeting place, I got to drive into the city from home at 6:30 am!!!!!    Kudos to everyone that does that every Saturday.  But more importantly, kudos to everyone who drives home after the run.  The drive is just long enough to exhaust you after a ten mile run.  Luckily I stocked my car with plenty of water bottles and good driving music.

Today’s run was gorgeous!  The sun was shining, the air was warm(er than it has been), and runners were everywhere.  There were a lot more people out running today than usual.  It was a really fun atmosphere on the course.

Just as we were about to start running, my running partner, Katie, snapped her hair elastic, which is quite possibly the most inconvenient thing.  She ran the entire way with her hair tied up in a headband.  We found an elastic on the ground that she tried to use (desperate times call for desperate measures), but that one snapped too.  The excitement and unpredictability of distance running is palpable.

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to my friend’s mom, and fellow runner for the hug of mutual appreciation and support as we passed by each other.  It was great running into you!  ( <– Pun intended) I hope you rocked your 18 miler!
  • Thank you to whoever distributes parking tickets for not giving me a parking ticket today.  I did not outrun the parking meter, but I certainly did outrun the parking ticket, therefore, I feel invincible.

Another long run in the books, and another week crossed off the calendar.  Spring is in the air, and there are just 44 days until race day (insert nervous giggle here).  My how time flies!  (But seriously, don’t forget to change your clocks tonight 🙂 )



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