Superheroes Run Marathons

Another personal distance record today!  Today I ran 18 miles, and trust me, I am in just as much of a shock as you are.  Like I said the other day, I am about half-way through marathon training, and I was definitely in a mental rut this past week.  Plagued with homework, aches, and pains, bad food, and the fear of many people around me having mid-winter colds, I wasn’t exactly optimistic about the great distance that stood before me this morning.  Well, I was wrong.  Today’s run felt amazing.  My body held up nicely, and my mind felt great too.  The roads were filled with fellow runners, which always makes things better.

About halfway through the run, we started noticing other runners in superhero costumes.  Then a few miles later, we hear, “Batman coming through!” and it was actually a man dressed in a full batman costume, followed by Superman and Wonder Woman (wig and all).  We saw everything from Captain America to a leprechaun and everything in between.  We later learned that one of the charity teams was having a themed training run, so the costumes made sense.  Running distance makes you feel like you can do anything.  It makes you feel like a superhero.  IMG_2698

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to the superhero firefighters of Newton for giving out water.  That came in handy as my water bottles froze…again.
  • Thank you to all of the runners today who braved the long run in full costume.  You are all inspirations- true superheroes.
  • Thank you to the sun for shining today and making an early morning long run that much more bearable.

I am 75% of the way to my fundraising goal!  Thank you all, again, for donating.  Your support truly means so much to me and to so many people who receive Life Giving Breakthroughs from BWH.


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