A Warm and Un-Intimidating Ten

It’s a warm one out there!  Today, I ran in capris and just one shirt, which is wonderful compared to the layers upon layers that I usually wear.  According to this cat that tells me the weather, it’s nearly 50 degrees, yet there was still ice on the ground early on in the run, but it was the kind of ice that deceives you and looks like water, which makes for a fun game of “Is this Water or Ice?  Let’s Find Out the Hard Way.”  Other than these spring-like temperatures, today’s run was same old same old.  It was an un-intimidating ten miler, which I still can’t believe I can say with confidence!


Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to the Olympic Games (another shout out, I know) for always being so motivating.  How will I possibly motivate myself to workout without seeing your inspirational performances, commercials, montages, and interviews?
  • Thank you to all of my donors thus far.  I have recently hit the 74% mark of fundraising, which is incredible, and will definitely help change a lot of lives at BWH.  You have no idea just how much your contributions truly mean to me and countless others.
  • Thank you to everyone who just read those repeat thank you notes.  My apologies for my lack of creativity today, but they both needed to be reiterated.

$2,358 to go!  http://www.crowdrise.com/bwh2014bostonmarathon/fundraiser/christinaaccardi   Thanks for reading and donating 🙂


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