Today’s run was supposed to be a solid sixteen-miler with the goal of making it back before the snow started, but it ended up being a slippery fifteen-miler (how unproductive).  The one-mile loop around the reservoir was not passable by foot, maybe by dogsled, but not by foot, so we settled for fifteen.  This long run felt MUCH better than the sixteen miles I did a few weeks ago.   My time was much faster, and I was very pleased with how it went, both physically and mentally.  Incredible progress.  Ice was plentiful, which always make things interesting.  I think winter decided we don’t need sidewalks anymore.

The highlight of today’s run came near the end at around 10:00.  We ran past a bar packed full of people watching the USA-RUS hockey game and could hear the chanting of  “U-S-A” from outside.  Way to go Team USA!

The lowlight of today’s run was when I apparently bled all over my shoe.  I knew I had a blister from some boots (ugh), but I let out a shocked gasp, followed by a “whoops” when I took my shoe off and saw that my sock and shoe were stained with blood.  Ouch.  This blog is a tell all story of the perils of marathon training.

I took another ice bath today.  I still don’t last too long, but it definitely helps.  I recommend the ice bath.

The Ice Bath

The Ice Bath

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to my friend for texting me hockey game updates.  Much appreciated!
  • Thank you to my sister for being my best friend (have I mentioned that before?) and talking to me and giving me chocolate during my ice bath.  You’ll always be my number one valentine.
  • Thank you to foam rollers.  Similar to the ice bath, you hurt so good.

You know the drill, folks.  Follow the link below!  Thanks for reading and donating!


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