A Fish Out of Water

Cross training is a huge part of marathon training.  Running too much tends to wear your body out, and cross training allows  you to get in your cardio while giving your joints a break and working different muscles.  Swimming is an ideal way to cross train and it really mixes things up.  I actually planned most of my training schedule around swimming because there are only so many free swim times, and Thursday night happened to work!

When I swim, I look like a fish out of water, which is funny because me in water is like a fish not in water (oh how the tables have turned), nevertheless, every Thursday night my friend Jenny and I hit the pool.  I’m not down with the swimming terminology, so all I’m going to say is that I swam some laps, then used a kick board for a number of minutes, then swam a few more laps.  I have been doing this for a few weeks now, and it has been a great addition to my routine.

Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to hats for keeping my head warm while I walk back to school in the winter weather with wet hair.


The only thing better than a hat is a free hat.  Actually I think I paid for that with blood, sweat, tears, and all of my free time.

  • Thank you to Jenny for mocking and then correcting my swimming technique.  I’ll learn.  But in all seriousness, thank you for getting me to swim every week.

I am 56% away from reaching my $9,000 fundraising goal for Brigham and Women’s Hospital!  Every donation counts!  Thank you for reading and donating 🙂



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