Making The Time

There’s a massive difference between wanting to run a marathon and running a marathon.  Up to this point in my training, I have discovered that the most important part of marathon training is making the time to train rather than making excuses.  The start of a new semester has riddled my schedule with obligations and at times it seems that training is the first thing to be sacrificed on a busy day.

Today tested my time management and dedication to both school and training.  The day started with three classes, then onto an impromptu meeting, followed by fast accumulating snow (which made for a slippery run), then me realizing that I forgot my Charlie Card as I got to the train station and having to walk back to school to get my wallet, then running all the way back to the train…during rush hour…cramming myself onto an already packed train only to run up some hills a few times.  Worth it?  YES- make. the. time. (Side note:  Another important part of marathon training, second to making the time, is hills.  Run the hills.  The hills won’t run themselves.)  So what’s the takeaway from today?  Make the time.  It is easier to sit in bed and watch Parks and Rec on Netflix, but sitting in bed watching Parks and Rec on Netflix will not get you to the finish line of a marathon, despite Leslie Knope’s motivating spirit.

Thank Your Notes:

  • Thank you to lists for getting me through my days.  I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write every little thing down on a Post-It.
  • Thank you to snow for always keeping things interesting.  You have taught me one of life’s greatest skills- adaptability.

As with every post, I ask that you consider making a donation to my fund for Brigham and Women’s Hospital and their quest for Life Giving Breakthroughs.  Thank you!


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