The Art of the Stationary Bike

I moved back to school yesterday and with the start of new classes comes a new routine in many aspects of life- sleeping, eating, and most importantly (for the sake of this blog’s topic), working out.  My workout resources are different at home than they are at school, and working out at school is a lot easier/ convenient than at home, and convenience is everything nowadays.

Toady’s workout consisted of riding the stationary bike, as I cannot ride a real bike due to lack of cycling motivation as a child.  I have already accepted the fact that I will never participate in a triathlon, Iron Man, or Tour de France because cycling is key in all of those events.  Next we gave a “good effort” at a Pinterest ab workout, and ended with a bit of lifting (the ten pounders).  A huge shoutout to my friend, Danielle, for being my Wednesday workout partner.  We certainly looked legit in the gym next to a good portion of the men’s lacrosse team.

Thank You Notes

  • Thank you to stationary bikes for offering the same benefits of real-life bicycles, but without the need for actual bike riding ability.
  • Thank you to Pinterest for being a boredom buster and constantly mixing up my workouts and keeping things fresh.

Per usual, check out my fundraising page for Brigham and Women’s Hospital and their quest for Life Giving Breakthroughs.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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